We Innovatively Transform Ourselves


If we can change the thinking, we can change the behavior. 
       Inevitably, we can change the outcomes in our life.


Table of Contents Novice Curriculum

Chapter 1: Changing the thinking changes the behavior -7-7-7                        

Chapter 2: Self Concepts - Self Images                                                            

Chapter 3: I am responsible                                                                            

Chapter 4: The art of setting goals    


Chapter 5: Time Management                                                                        

Chapter 6: Initial Assessment/Checklist                                                        

Chapter 7: Documentation                                                                             

Chapter 8: Food & Shelter                                                                             

Chapter 9: Resume & Job Application                                                          

Chapter 10: The Interview                                                                            

Chapter 11: The Job & Work Ethics                                                             

Chapter 12: Education                                                                                  

Chapter 13: Substance Abuse and Mental Health                                        

Chapter 14: Relationships                                                                            

Chapter 15: Parole Supervision                                                                   

Chapter 16: Community Resources                                                             

Chapter 17: Budget & Money Management                                                

Chapter 18: Credit                                                                                        

Chapter 19: Banking                                                                                    

Chapter 20: Putting it all together                                                                

Chapter 21: Final Assessment                                                                     --- 

Table of Contents Real Estate Basic Curriculum

Chapter  1: Why Real Estate   
Chapter  2: Economy                                                                                    

Chapter  3: Federal Reserve                                                                         

Chapter  4: Credit    
Chapter  5: Taxes Primary Residence     
Chapter  6: Taxes Income Property       
Chapter  7: Search Investigate Analyze   
Chapter  8: Purchase Offer Purchase Agreement    
Chapter  9: Finance Application Process Renegotiate   
Chapter 10: Closing                    
Chapter 11: Ownership Management Rehab Equity    
Chapter 12: Foreclosure                 
Chapter 13: Real Estate Math        
Chapter 14: Types of Mortgages    
Chapter 15: Creative Finance         
Chapter 16: Putting it all together Final Examine                                      ---- 


Table of Contents Real Estate Advance Curriculum

Chapter  1: Real Estate Appraisal     
Chapter  2: Legal Consideration

Chapter  3: Formal Appraisal Process

Chapter  4: Neighborhood, Community

Chapter  5: Real Estate Economics and Value

Chapter  6: Property Inspection and Analysis: The Site

Chapter  7: Property Inspection and Analysis: Improvements

Chapter  8: The Sales Comparison Approach

Chapter  9: Analyzing and Adjusting Comparable Sales

Chapter 10: Valuing the Site

Chapter 11: Introducing the Cost Approach

Chapter 12: Estimating Loss in Value: Accrued Depreciation

Chapter 13: Income Capitalization Rate and Techniques

Chapter 14: Reconciling Estimates and Reporting Opinions

Chapter 15:  The Income Approach

Chapter 16: Appraising Special Ownership and Interest