We Innovatively Transform Ourselves


If we can change the thinking, we can change the behavior. 
       Inevitably, we can change the outcomes in our life.

It is our belief, the recidivism of those involved in a reentry plan will be reduced by outlining the possible barriers face upon their return and the solutions to eradicate them. At WITO Inc., we are focused on providing biblical principles, financial literacy and character development  to incarcerated individuals. We do this by bringing the curriculum inside the facility to work side by side with participants. Collectively, we develop a customized action plan to deal with each individual's core and most critical needs. We do this prior to release so there is a clear and concise outline of the objectives and goals when they get home. The ability to properly plan for a successful transition is enhanced with a definitive road map.  The primary goal for WITO Inc. is to come alongside incarcerated individuals who are striving to transform themselves from their past, live life more abundantly and leave a meaningful legacy. We empower participants to build a bridge towards their success. They do this by taking the experience of the past and entering into the present to create and plan for a future of possibilities. Tomorrow does not have to look like today!

WITO Inc. founder Raul Baez is a man of integrity, sincerity and trustworthiness. He has proven himself to be an ideal example of the power of transformation as his personal testimony illuminates. Its a transformation which he made, from the most difficult of conditions, to become an educator and leader for those in most need of his talent. He has created a financial literacy curriculum which he has taught for the past 10 years both in and out of the prison system. He has created a program which is second to none in equipping men and women transitioning from incarceration. The expertise as well as his intimate understanding of his audience makes him uniquely equipped to evoke the message of hope, financial literacy and character development principles.This curriculum will be invaluable to the participants. It will empower and insulate them from the world of prison to what can be a very overwhelming outside world