We Innovatively Transform Ourselves


If we can change the thinking, we can change the behavior. 
       Inevitably, we can change the outcomes in our life.

You change the thinking, you change the behavior ~

Collectively, the virtues, values and behaviors that go into becoming the person whom will optimize the transition and never goes back to prison is define in one word, character. You can distill all the virtues down into two qualities, integrity and self discipline. When you become a well disciplined person of high integrity you will tend to live your life consistent with the essential virtues that make up the character of the superior person and inevitably embark on a life of freedom in every area of your life. 

Integrity is the foundation of character development,  one of the most important activities you can engage to transform your life. Working on your character means disciplining yourself to do more and more of those things that will never take back to prison. The things that a thoroughly honest person would do under all circumstances.

To be impeccably honest with others you must first be impeccably honest with yourself. You must be true to yourself. You must be true to the very best that's in you. A person living consistent with high virtues is living a life of integrity.

One of your greatest personal assets is how you are known to others. How is your personal reputation for keeping your word and fulfilling your commitments? How does this statement measure up with your spouse and your children? Your integrity and your adherence to your values go before you and it affects all of your interactions with other people. 

If there is anything in your life, work or relationships which you are not happy with you must go to work on yourself so that you can ultimately receive the desired outcomes you yearn for. Your life only becomes better when you become better at making the choices that produce these outcomes. Before you can have more in your life you must first be more, you must first do more. All of life is lived from the inside out.  At the core of your soul is where you find who you are. At the very core of your personality lie your values about yourself and your life.

Your values determine the kind of person you really are. It is what you believe in that defines your character and your personality. Its what you stand for and what you won't stand for that tells you and the world what kind of person you have become.

A value combined with a definition becomes an organizing principle. It becomes your personal mission statement to help you make better decisions. It becomes a measure and a standard that enables you to know how closely you are adhering to your innermost beliefs and convictions. 

All of life is a series of choices and you must continually order and reorder how effective these choices are and the impact on your life. If your choices are not producing your desire result, then you need to make healthier and better choices. It is that simple, nothing more nothing less. The question then becomes, are you filled with the character, self discipline, integrity, virtues and values that will allow you to live the life you aspire for. At the crossroad of that decision lies the outcome of your life Prison Vs Freedom, the choice is always yours.  This book is a roadmap to help you tap into your fullest potential. I guarantee you these principles will work, if you embrace them and work it until you master it. That's the footprint I follow when I came home and now you can use it to replicate optimal outcomes in your life.


Remind the important people in your life the important things 
you want them to remember you for!

The greatest affirmation one can receive to validate character and integrity is when it is spoken by others. For many years in my life, this was not possible. I give all glory to God for feeding my mind with wisdom, knowledge and his daily bread. Once I made the choice to eat from the tree of life my entire world changed and now I am able to receive the abundance of his blessings. 

Raul Baez