We Innovatively Transform Ourselves


If we can change the thinking, we can change the behavior. 
       Inevitably, we can change the outcomes in our life.

Pre-Release is the moment to focus on housing

Writing out the plans is not enough. You have to take the time to study the plans so you know in advance where all the pieces go. They will be moments when you need to pivot, adjust, tweak or eliminate. You have to understand all the nooks & crannies that pose a barrier. Identify how you are going to solve it. When you do, immediately you become equip to rebuild the rest of your life. You fully understand how to repeat the process in every single area of your life. You then become a master at laying out the blue prints to rise to new and higher levels. You can see it in your mind and inevitably, you get there in the body. The pre-release stage is where we start laying down the bricks for a solid foundation upon release.  


This a basic introduction to the novice curriculum. All of the describe principle describe will be cover extensively. 

Welcome to the WITO Inc. Reentry Program!

WITO Inc. is proud and humble to fulfill our mission of equipping incarcerated men and women with biblical principles, financial empowerment and transforming values so they can unlock the doors to success.  It is our belief, the recidivism of those involved in a reentry plan will be reduced by outlining the possible barriers faced upon their return to the community and the solutions to eradicate them. We hope that you take advantage of this opportunity before you. Our goal is to help you with the challenges you might face as you are released. This Reentry Manual was created to strengthen your skills and help you overcome some of the barriers

WITO Inc. is dedicated to supporting you strive and successfully transition from incarceration to your family and community. We encourage you to study and take advantage of this resource packet. We empower you to keep an open mind on the many possibilities and concepts in this manual. Many have gone before you with a positive attitude implementing the strategies convey within this curriculum and are experiencing meaningful and productive lives.

If you want to accomplish what others have, do the things they do and inevitably you will also get the same outcomes. Success leaves tracks and the footprints are all laid out for you to replicate with equal or greater results. I promised you, this program will work if you work. Dedicate yourself to freedom and breaking the cycles. We support your endeavors as you experience a life worth living.

Best of luck to you, go back with a renewed mind and sculpture your legacy!

Raul Baez


We engage participants in the following disciplines and development of crucial life skills to optimize their potential for success. Success in this context is define as reducing the recidivism rate and breaking the cycle of incarceration. 

Godly principles:

To prosper and be successful in life we need to learn the principles God has set forth in His word and obey them. The Bible tells us if we sow much but bring in little it may be because we are not living right or in compliance with the principles that God has established for us to abide by (Hag. 1:6-7). 

Life coaching:

Life coaching draws upon a variety of tools and techniques from other disciplines such as positive adult development with an aim towards helping people identify and achieve personal goals.

Academic Skill Building:

Academic skills are a collection of study habits, learning strategies, and time management tools that help participants learn and absorb school lessons. For most, learning is about much more than access to information. We often include academic skills in lessons to master certain concepts. These skills benefit the participants with solid study skills essential for college success. They also become proficient learning to balance multiple demands at once which is valuable to many different career paths.

Core Skill Areas:

Academic skills go hand in hand with these core subjects, giving participants the tools they need to learn the key lessons of each discipline. There are a number of different ways to create opportunities for growth in the work place. We concentrate on these dynamics with intense and practical role playing. 

Economic Skill Building:

Financial literacy is the ability to understand how money works in the world: how someone manages to earn or make it, how he/she invests it  and how that person donates it to help others. More specifically, it refers to the set of skills and knowledge that allows an individual to make informed and effective decisions with all of their financial resources.

Case Management:

Case Management is multifaceted, we introduce participants to a systemic and methodical approach for planning to deal with the core areas in their lives. We focus on strategies for improving, identifying and abdicating the potential to become overwhelmed with specific situations.

Vision Casting:

Vision is foresight with seeing the invisible and making it visible. It is an informed bridge from the present to a better future. We empower participants to create a picture and hold in their mind’s eye the way things could or should be upon release. If they can get there in their minds, they can get there in their reality. Vision connotes a visual reality, a portrait of a preferred future. The picture is internal and personal. The way you practice is the way you will play the game. Champions dedicate themselves to repetition every day.